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ourstory productsH2O at Home is a mission driven company that seeks to bring safe, effective, and natural home and personal care solutions to the world.

We know that all you need to clean safely and effectively is a high-quality microfiber cloth and water and, in some cases, natural cleansers for the home and body.

H2O at Home is devoted to changing the way we shop, from highly consumable to highly durable. We create only toxin-free and environmentally friendly products that are built to last and that adhere to strict European certification standards for organic and natural ingredients. 

Founded in France, in 1998, and established in the US in 2009, we have been thinking outside the box for two decades.

Through a party based business model and a dedication to sustainability, we aim to provide people with a cleaner, greener, healthier way to live. All of our products are available through Independent Advisors, so shopping with H2O at Home means that you are supporting a small local business person. Our Advisors share our vision to create a better world, starting at home, and we are so proud of the incredible work they do every day.

We invite you to join us - as a customer or as an Advisor - in the business of innovation and the practice of responsibility to our communities, each other, and our planet.

dg2Guillaume Leymonerie
Founder and President

Damien Douchet
COO, US Division