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We believe your home should be the safest place on Earth. Cleaning your home should not compromise your family’s health, which is why we create products that clean with just water or with gentle, plant-based ingredients. Protect those you love most without filling your home with harsh chemicals. 

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We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. H2O at Home not only creates responsible and eco-conscious products, but also the opportunity to become an H2O at Home Independent Advisor. We believe in our products and do all we can to support those Independent Advisors who want to build strong, flexible businesses and join a supportive community of likeminded companions. 

We believe in preserving our environment. We relentlessly pursue higher quality, more effective, more durable, and more eco-friendly products. We are constantly working to create products that will preserve our environment without compromising results in your home. We continually seek more responsible ingredients and, with the help of all of our Advisors, give back through charitable partnerships.