Discover innovative cleaning solutions that will allow you to:
Protect your health
by banishing harmful
Save the environment
by using natural and biodegradable products only
Save money
by cleaning with water only or with concentrated natural cleansers
Our Products
Ceramics & Natural Cleansers
Clean your laundry with the power of water!
Thanks to its smart ceramics, the Laundry ball reinforces the cleaning properties and can be used alone for moderately dirty laundry.
Eco-Clean Laundry Ball & Net SKU 4046
Very concentrated up to 100
loads with the Laundry ball!
Certified organic but tough on stains, its lavandin and orange essential oils will delicately scent your laundry.
Natural Laundry Soap SKU 4333
All natural stain remover
Potent and biodegradable, this stain remover is tough on stains but free of chemicals.
Netepur SKU 4050
Active oxygen to eradicate stains
Safe, natural and biodegradable, it removes the most stubborn stains on a variety of textiles and surfaces.
Oxypur SKU 4053
Ladybug Lint and Hair Remover
Ladybug Lint and Hair Remover
The Ladybug Lint and Hair Remover is ideal for picking up hair, lint and pet
hair off all types of textiles. The electrostatic bristles attract dirt and remove
hair on clothing and traps impurities.Easy to store and transport, this brush
is very practical and offers a good grip for brushing.
Rubber Bristle Brush SKU 3009 - Rubber Bristle Hand BroomSKU 3019
How It Works:
Natural cleansers: natural and biodegradable, their formula has been especially formulated to be tough on stains but gentle with the environment.
Ceramics: their properties increase the natural cleaning power of water by raising its pH level similar to that of classical detergents but without the chemicals.