H2O at Home is a mission driven company that seeks to bring safe, effective, natural home and personal care solutions to the world. Through a party based business model and dedication to sustainability, we want to help you live a cleaner, green, healthier life.

From our inception in France in 1998, we have been thinking outside the box, designing products that make life easier while upholding strong environmentally friendly and non-toxic values.

In 2009 we opened up shop in the U.S., a country of entrepreneurs. Our vision is to deliver ethical, safe, useful products, clear Direct Sales vision, and the sustainable culture that leads to better health and lifestyle, starting at home.

To see how we use roots to grow strong and wings to fly, click here.

Join us in the business of innovation and the practice of greatest responsibility to our communities, each other, and our planet.

Guillaume Leymonerie,
Founder and President

Damien Douchet,
COO, U.S.A. Division